Crime figures are revealed by PSNI

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Chief Inspector Nicky Thompson delivered his six month progress report to Coleraine Policing and Community Safety Partnership last week.

Overall crime has risen by 36 incidents to 1897 for the year to date compared to the same time last year.

The percentage of crime outcomes achieved using a range of appropriate disposal methods methods has dropped 6.8% to 21.1%.

In the first six months Coleraine has increased its outcome rate from 20.8% to 24.8% for crimes with a domestic motivation.

The target of 30% outcomes by the end of the year remains a challenge, but working with partners in Women’s Aid, the probation Board and other voluntary and statutory bodies police say they will strive to reach the target and also protect victims of domestic abuse from further crimes.

The criminal justice worker in H District has engaged effectively with over 30 high risk victims of domestic abuse to encourage them to remain with the criminal justice systems.

Non-domestic violent crimes involving injury have risen in the year to date rising 6.8% to 252.

There was a 30% increase in sexual offences. Of that the number of incidents of rape increased 100% from five to ten. Other sexual offences rose from 25 to 29.

There has been a reduction in the total number of incidents of anti-social behaviour from 1341 to 1278 for the first six months of this years compared to the same period last year.

Effective partnerships with a number of other bodies continues.

The number of domestic burglaries has fallen from 93 to 73 for the year to date.

Drug seizures also dropped from 75 to 58 and drug arrests were down from 63 to 52.