Don’t leave valuables in caravans, warn police

A member of the Portrush Neighbourhood Police Team is advising anyone who owns or uses a caravan to ensure it is properly secured when unoccupied.

Sergeant Sharon Campbell said: “Caravans may be more vulnerable than houses but that doesn’t mean you can’t make your property secure,” said Sergeant Campbell.

“The holiday season is coming to an end. Many people have been going to their caravans at weekends or for longer periods and when they do they take with them equipment like music players, televisions, and games consoles.

“The easiest way to ensure these items are not stolen is to take them back home with you when you leave your caravan for long periods of time. Don’t forget about the outside either - bicycles, canoes, surfboards, wetsuits and similar sports equipment, need to be put away and properly secured as well. If the items aren’t there, the thieves have nothing to steal.

“Leaving curtains open will also greatly assist site security staff, and will show those engaged in this type of crime that nothing of any value has been left behind for them to steal.

“If however there are larger items that cannot be transported, arrange to have stronger locks fitted, or an alarm of some kind. Also make arrangements with other caravan users or site managers to keep an eye on your property, and tell them to report any suspicious activity to police.

“It is also important to remember to remove expensive items and keep your caravan secure even when it is parked at your home.”

Anyone who wants further crime prevention advice should contact local police on 0845 600 8000.