Drink binge man ended up in hospital

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A man said that after downing half litres of rum and vodka at a friend’s house in Bushmills he went to the shop to get cigarettes and the next thing he remembered was waking up in the Causeway Hospital .

The claim was made on behalf of Simon McAfee (20), of Farranseer Park, Macosquin, at Coleraine Magistrates Court where he appeared for sentencing for three assaults, two charges of disorderly behaviour in Bushmills and the hospital and one of criminal damage, on the night in question - April 3 this year.

A prosecutor said a police patrol was flagged down at 12.50am by people who were restraining McAfee on the ground. The defendant had an injured hand which needed medical attention.

Police were told McAfee had been found unconscious on a road and his ex-partner was called from a nearby pub but he became aggressive and struck her and grabbed her by the throat; broke the window; punched a male and attempted to punch another male but he ducked causing McAfee to fall to the ground.

At the hospital McAfee attempted to go for a police officer and shouted aggressively at staff and officers before being escorted outside.

He told police he had taken rum and vodka and went to a shop at 9.30pm and the next he remembered was waking up at the hospital.

Defence solicitor Briege Martin said McAfee had no recollection of the events but that he very rarely consumed alcohol and had no idea what led to his behaviour which was something he was “truly horrified about”.

She said he is a young man of good character who cannot believe he acted the way he had and was regretful.

District Judge Liam McNally told McAfee: “It appears that on the night, having consumed copious amounts of rum and vodka, you collapsed on the street and when people came to your assistance you assaulted them”.

McAfee was given four months in prison, suspended for three years, and ordered to pay £100 compensation to each of the three people he assaulted.