Man used hammer to smash window’s of woman’s car

Judge's court wig and hammer or gavel
Judge's court wig and hammer or gavel

A Coleraine man used a hammer to smash a number of windows in a woman’s car amid defence claims at the local magistrates court the victim was “harassing” him and his partner and deliberately shining car lights into their house.

Robert Nutt (51), of Hazeldene Drive, admitted damaging the car; having a hammer as an offensive weapon and assaulting the driver of the car who was struck on the shoulder as the hammer smashed through a window during the incident on August 18 this year.

A prosecutor said a woman was dropping a friend off when the car was attacked and the man said “that’s what you get”.

Police arrested Nutt who had a cut on his hand with blood on his clothes and the DNA matched blood found in the car and he admitted the attack. Barrister Francis Rafferty said there was no intention to assault the woman but he said there was a “torturous background” to the case and claimed Nutt and his partner had been subjected to “vile threats and harassments” which were reported to police.

He alleged the injured party had parked outside their house and was “staring in” and deliberately pointed car headlights towards the house and Nutt had enough and “snapped” but is now remorseful.

District Judge Liam McNally said it was a “serious matter” and he is contemplating sending him to prison and said he wants to look at compensation and is considering a restraining order. The case was adjourned to December 7.