MLA’s anger over theft of lighting cables

A DUP MLA has expressed concern at a spate of thefts of street lighting cables in the north coast and surrounding rural areas.

Adrian McQuillan told the Times: “I am outraged and disgusted at these actions by criminals who assume this behaviour is acceptable.

“Through carrying out this selfish act they are not only risking their own safety but also the safety of the public. These thefts are causing the ratepayers thousands of pounds annually.

“This is organised criminality and it must be stopped. Scrap metal dealers who are offered suspicious materials for sale should be aware that these may be stolen goods and you should report to the police immediately, by buying these stolen goods you are creating a demand and therefore provoking these actions further.”

Mr McQuillan said the thieves are targeting rural areas in the hope that they will go undetected.

“I appeal to the community to be vigilant of any suspicious activity and report it to the local authorities. Don’t take it for granted that someone in a high visibility jacket and van are reputable repair men. It does no harm to ring and check with the DOE and the police.”