Operation ‘Pass the Parcel’!

PORTSTEWARTVision - The Community Forum has announced the launch of a new and exciting home security crime prevention project in Portstewart this week.

‘Operation Pass The Parcel’ is the first of a three week series that seeks to encourage every household in Portstewart to security code their valuables, to prevent crime, and to deter and detect criminal activity. It also aims to turn the public’s fear of crime into criminal’s fear of prosecution.

‘Operation Pass The Parcel’ is supported by Coleraine District Policing Partnership, and Coleraine Coastal Neighbourhood Police Team and is not only a fun way to practice crime prevention but it also provides residents with an opportunity to get to know their neighbours and to generate community spirit. Security coding is important as it makes your property individual to you and a less attractive target for burglars and thieves.

The ‘Parcel’ is a Crime Prevention Street Pack, which contains an Ultra Violet security marking pen, inventory forms for recording the details and serial numbers of your property, stickers to show that you have ‘security coded’ the contents of your home, and useful telephone numbers. Each ‘Street Pack’ contains enough material for 50 houses, and can be collected at the Warren Pavilion at Old Coach Road in Portstewart from 2-4pm, on Saturday April 2, when Neighbourhood Officers for the area will also be providing important information about home security and how to thwart bogus callers.

Once a street has their pack the first householder uses the UV pen to mark their property with their postcode and house number, completes the inventory form, places the sticker on their door or a window where it can easily be seen, before they ‘Pass The Parcel’ in person to their neighbour who repeats the process until the pack has been to every house in the street. A total of 100 crime prevention street packs are available – that’s enough for 5000 homes - so get together with your neighbours and don’t miss out on this opportunity.

Portstewart Vision spokesperson Shaun MacGeagh said: “This initiative is about taking sensible precautions to safeguard your possessions and is one event in which you don’t want to be the odd one out.”

Alderman Mrs. Maura Hickey, Chair of Coleraine District Policing Partnership said, “Everyone has a responsibility to prevent crime and to work with the police, and this initiative also helps to build relationships between neighbours as well as between residents and their local Neighbourhood Officers.” 07825399552/07500899709, or by email: NPTPortrush@psni.pnn.police.uk