Police arrested man with heroin needles

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Police were waiting on the platform of Coleraine Train Station to arrest a man who allegedly threatened to kill his estranged partner and her son and they found he was in possession of two heroin syringes.

James Daniel Greer (45), of Mount Street, Coleraine, was arrested in September after he gave the time the train would arrive into the town.

At Coleraine Magistrates Court, the threat to kill charges were withdrawn after the woman had withdrawn her complaint but Greer was given a two years conditional discharge for possession of heroin.

Defence barrister Aaron Thompson said because of the phone calls, police were present to meet Greer off the train and a friend with him, who had an extensive record for drugs, handed Greer the syringes.

The barrister said that Greer does not have a drug habit.

District Judge Des Perry told the defendant he was giving him the benefit of the doubt but told him to avoid drugs and the defendant said: “Thank you”.

At a previous hearing, a police officer told the court Greer allegedly told his partner he would come to her house and threatened to kill her son and her.

He gave a time when he would arrive in Coleraine by train and police arrested him when he arrived.

The police officer said there was a long history in the case and the woman regularly withdraws her complaints and the alleged victim said that was because she fears the accused.

The officer said Greer had nine breaches of bail in the last three years and also three breaches of Non-Molestation Orders.

A defence solicitor told the hearing that the alleged victim had provided £80 towards rent for a bail address for the accused.