Police officer accused of theft from PSNI


A police officer charged with stealing from the PSNI has had his case sent to the Crown Court for arraignment.

John Martin Gallagher (36), whose address was listed on court papers as c/o PSNI Coleraine, is accused of theft, by an employee.

Items allegedly taken include a pair of UGG boots, two sets of Dr Dre speakers, two sets of MAC makeup and one bottle of aftershave “belonging to the Police Service of Northern Ireland”.

The theft is alleged to have happened on October 18, 2014.

The accused appeared in the dock of Coleraine Magistrates Court dressed in a black shirt, black tie and black suit and stood with his hands clasped in front of him during a short preliminary enquiry which is the legal step required to send the case forward to the Crown Court.

The accused confirmed he received documents in the case and that he had no objections to the preliminary enquiry being held.

A prosecutor said there was a case to answer and a defence lawyer accepted that was the case.

Gallagher was asked if he wished to say anything and he replied “not at this time”.

The prosecutor asked District Judge Liam McNally to return the case to Antrim Crown Court in October.

After doing so the judge released the accused on his own bail of £500 and at the end of proceedings Gallagher said: “Thank you Your Worship”.