Police urging vigilance against local burglaries

POLICE in Coleraine are urging the public to remain vigilant and protect their property against burglary.

The warning comes after police arrested a 30 year old male on suspicion of burglary in the Portrush area on Sunday, January 22. He has been released on police bail.

Police in Coleraine are aware of the impact that burglaries can have on individual householders and are committed to placing those responsible before the courts.

They are urging householders to follow some sensible crime prevention measures to ensure, as far as is practicable, that they will not become an opportunist burglar’s next victim.

“Reassessing your crime prevention routine is an important first step,” said a police spokesperson. “A large proportion of all burglaries occur at unsecured premises through unlocked doors or windows. If your doors aren’t secure, neither is your house.

“Exterior lights are useful in discouraging the attention of criminals, particularly those involved in burglary and the theft of heating oil as it raises the potential of them being seen in the vicinity of your home by either yourself or a neighbour.

“Visible intruder alarms will often be a deterrent to a burglar. If you decide to have one fitted, make sure it is installed by a reputable company and meets recognised standards. Most modern alarms allow for the user to partially set their systems, even when at home.”