Substation vandals ‘used power tools’

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NIE Networks has strongly condemned vandalism to its electrical equipment in the Dhu Varren area of Portrush in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

Over 200 properties lost their electricity supplies after specialised equipment in a substation was vandalised.

Emergency teams from NIE Networks responded immediately to make equipment safe and had all power restored by 06.23am.

Kevin McDowell, Head of Health, Safety & Environment at NIE Networks, said “Our priority is the safety of the general public and our employees. Vandals are risking their own and other peoples’ lives by approaching substations substation and causing damage.

“In this case we know that power tools had been used to access the substation which houses live, high voltage equipment. Any type of interference in this environment can be unforgiving.

“They are also causing great inconvenience to the local community who are left without electricity. We would urge anyone with information on this incident to contact the PSNI or if you see any further suspicious activity around electricity substations or electrical equipment contact NIE Networks on 03457 643643.”