Torch prowlers causing concern in North Antrim

Police news
Police news

Elderly people in the North Antrim area have been frightened by night-time prowlers shining torches through their windows.

Now, police in Causeway Coast and Glens are asking the local public to look out for your older or more vulnerable neighbours following the reports of suspicious activity in the Ballycastle and Armoy areas.

Inspector Davy Burns said: “We have received reports of torches being shone in the windows of homes which are causing some concern for the elderly owners so we are asking residents to be more conscious about their home security.

“Make sure all your doors and windows are locked – it can be easy to forget about an open window during warmer days however if you make it part of your routine to check before going out or going to bed then you reduce the chances of an opportunistic burglar getting access to your home.

“If you live near someone who is elderly or vulnerable make a point of checking in with them from time to time and keeping an eye on their property.

“And don’t forget about our Nominated Neighbour Scheme – if you are not comfortable dealing with cold callers then this could be the scheme for you. Cold callers generally go from door to door offering services such as driveway cleaning or selling household goods. While many are genuine, some can be pushy in nature and unfortunately there are people out there who will try to take advantage of someone who is older or lives alone.

“If an unrecognised caller comes to your door when you are alone in the house, he or she can be shown a card instructing them to contact your ‘Nominated Neighbour’ who will then try and check the caller’s identity. It avoids the need for you to open your front door to anyone you are unsure of. If you would like more details on this or any other home security measures please do not hesitate to contact your local station on the non-emergency number 101.”