Dale Farm new sponsor for Milk Cup

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Northern Ireland’s largest dairy company, Dale Farm, has stepped in as lead sponsor of Northern Ireland’s major international youth football tournament.

The partnership will guarantee that the tournament maintains its long association with the dairy industry in Northern Ireland with its new title, the Dale Farm Milk Cup.

First played in 1983, the tournament has attracted a wide range of entries from local county sides, to leading English and Scottish premier league clubs and international teams such as Russia, China and Mexico.

With a strong local and national presence, and a growing international customer base in over 40 countries, Dale Farm’s sponsorship of the tournament will provide it with an established platform to promote its products at home and abroad.

Dale Farm’s Group Chief Executive David Dobbin said, “The tournament has become one of the world’s best known and respected international sporting events at this level, and throughout its existence has been associated with the dairy industry. We are delighted that this association will continue through our sponsorship.”

Victor Leonard, Chairman of the Tournament’s Organising Committee, commented, “Over the past thirty years we have had an excellent relationship with the dairy industry in Northern Ireland through our association with the Milk Marketing Board, the Dairy Council for Northern Ireland and now we are pleased to continue it through Dale Farm, a market leader in its field.”

“The Milk Cup, now known as the Dale Farm Milk Cup, has an established international pedigree and we are pleased to partner with a locally based company, which has strong local and International outlets and interests. It is a perfect fit for us at a time when we are exploring new and exciting innovations to our event.”