Dallat: Garvagh home closure ‘bad news’

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SDLP MLA John Dallat has spoken out about the closure of Garvagh Care Home.

We revealed the news about the Kilrea Road home exclusively yesterday.

In a statement, Mr Dallat said: “I very much regret this bad news which comes at a time when employment prospects in the Garvagh area are not good. It is also very bad for the remaining 27 residents who are still in the home receiving the highest standards of care.

“While the Four Seasons group that owns the home are debt-ridden and paying very high interest rates on loans there is an acceptance that residential homes are not being paid enough by health trusts to enable them to remain viable and that is an issue which requires further investigation.

“Certainly we cannot allow patients and staff to be pawns in a financial crisis which is highly regrettable and needs to be addressed before another home or homes is scheduled for closure.

“I acknowledge the massive contribution Garvagh Care Home has made over many years and hope that the closure is managed in a way that causes the minimum of upheaval and staff find alternative employment in the vocation they are dedicated to.”