Damage to Warren bowling green

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Significant damage has been caused to the bowling green at the Warren in Portstewart.

Coleraine Borough Council’s Parks staff discovered significant damage to the premier bowling green at The Warren, Portstewart, during their routine inspections last Wednesday.

The surface has been extensively damaged by small pot holes and torn grass, caused by the unauthorised access and mistreatment of the pristine surface.

Parks Manager, Paul Jess, explained, “Unfortunately due to the damage caused to the green, the surface has been rendered unplayable for bowls for the foreseeable future.

“The football pavilion’s broken down fence seems to be the entry point for those who created the damage. It is sad to see such vandalism at this time of the year with the approach of Easter and the start of the new bowling season.”

Parks staff will endeavour to repair the damage as soon as possible. The local PSNI have been alerted of the damage and it is hoped to identify the cause. If anyone has any further information regarding the damage at The Warren, please contact the local PSNI office