Damaged pontoon will be replaced confirm the Harbour Commissioners

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THE heavy flow of the River Bann has ripped away part of a new pontoon used by boat owners at Coleraine’s Millennium footbridge.

CCTV footage showed the gangway leading to the pontoon collapsing under the high tides and stormy weather last Monday.

Part of a £500,000 scheme of works at the harbour, the pontoon was only installed earlier in the summer.

Chairperson of the Harbour Commissioners, Ian Donaghey, MBE, told the Times that the collapsed structure will be replaced before the new boating season begins next spring.

He said: “The CCTV pictures show the front of the platform just giving away under the heavy flow of the river.

“The main pontoon structure itself held firm so it’s just that small gangway which will need to be replaced and strengthened.

“We are not overly concerned about it. The company who built it will replace it in time for the new season next March.”

The missing walkway generated a lot of local comment last week as workers noticed it missing on their way to work last Tuesday morning.

The Harbour Commissioners commissioned the works to allow provate boat owners to stop at the pontoon close to the town centre.