Dancing daddies step up for charity night

Caption and report to be sent in.
Caption and report to be sent in.

Some may call them brave, others will describe them as mad, but a group of local men are learning a new skill in a bid to to raise money for two worthy causes!

The men, thanks to the guidance of the ‘DGS Mammies’ are learning the art of Irish dance!

We featured the ‘DGS Mammies’ last year, a group of dancers, ranging from age 29 to over 60. Some of the ladies had danced before, others had watched their daughters in festivals down through 
the years, and were keen to learn.

Now they are competing at festivals themselves, and have seen many successes.

Now, the ‘mammes’ have talked seven brave ‘daddies’ into learning to dance for a fundraiser for the Alzheimer’s Society and the Dominic Graham School of Dance, to be held in the Lodge Hotel later this month.

On the night the brave dancers will perform their routine for a panel of three judges, Sarah Travers, Gerald Mc Quilken and Tracy Whitelaw.

Instructor Annette Young explained: “We were really surprised when we got seven men to volunteer for the ‘Jigs and Reels’ fundraiser.

“We started our practice back in October, and everyone is having a great laugh.

“On the night, the dancers will perform a routine, choreographed by themselves, which could be interesting,” laughted Annette.

The couples are Bryan Friel and Robyn Friel; Richard Kelly and Laura Smyth; Richard King and Susanna O’Neill; Martin Grove and Fiona Lynn; Andy Lynn and Annette Young; Geoff Mc Laughlin and Siobhan Dunbar; Michael Wilson and Nancy Smyth.

‘Jigs and Reels’ will take place in the Lodge Hotel on Saturday, January 31 at 8pm.

On the night, there will also be performances by pupils from the Dominic Graham School of Irish Dance.

Tickets are available from any of the ‘DGS mammies’ or the competing couples.

Admission can also be paid at the door £7.00.