Dark Hedges needs protection: Allister

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North Antrim MLA and TUV Party Leader, Jim Allister has submitted questions to the Department of Regional Department over traffic concerns at the Dark Hedges.

In a statement to the Times, Mr Allister said: “The Dark Hedges are a true wonder of Northern Ireland, and while long known and adored by those living here, they have increasingly became a great tourist draw over recent years.

“With that in mind we should all be concerned with their protection and preservation for future generations. Coach parties regularly stop here, and I have concerns that local roads are not designed to deal with such weight, and that there should be measures in place to reduce the impact on the trees.

“The falling of trees during the recent storms, and the road markings painted in error show what can go wrong. To that end I have submitted questions to the Department of Regional Development in order to ascertain what protections are in place.”