Davy Boyle’s supporters hoping to raise £500 to avoid jail!

Alan Robinson, Mayor of Limavady is captured by Coleraine's Caring Caretaker.
Alan Robinson, Mayor of Limavady is captured by Coleraine's Caring Caretaker.

Coleraine’s Caring Caretaker has captured nine brave supporters in a bid to kick start his fundraising for 2015.

Davy’s Jail and Bail is the first fundraiser of the year, and he signed up some well known faces to take part.

Charlene Dickey, mum of Coleraine school boy Oliver, is hoping to raise £500 bail money. She told The Times why she signed up: “I’m doing jail and bail for Davy just as our way of saying thank you to him for his support and donations towards Oliver’s surgery and rehab. I just hope we can raise enough to keep the cuffs off,” she joked.

Current Mayor of Limavady, Alan Robinson is also taking part, he told The Times:” This Mayoral year I’ve supported numerous charitable events. I even went so far as dressing up as a woman, in high heels dress and wig for a sponsored walk through Limavady Town Centre in aid of a local Cancer Charity. When David Boyle, who belongs to my Church in Coleraine Town Centre, asked me if i would consider facing the force of the local law for charity, i jumped at the chance. There is something very addictive about raising money for charity knowing that your actions, undignifying or otherwise, will make a little positive change to someones life.”

Other brave participants include staff from Bob and Berts, Alison Campbell, Colin McClarty, Deborah Blair Montgomery, Caroline Taylor, Sheila Palmer and David Weir. Davy told The Times: “I am delighted to have nine people signed up. They have until June 13 to raise their bail money!”