‘Deadly dunes’ littered with broken glass

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A Portrush man has warned that a child may get seriously injured from shards of glass littered on one of the resort’s beaches.

Morris Greer says he can’t take is young grandchildren to East Strand beach because the dunes are covered with lethal broken glass, bottles and rubbish.

And Morris has now reported the matter to Coleraine Borough Council in the hope that the area can be made safe for local families and many holidaymakers enjoying their summer on the north coast.

“I walk these dunes every day with my three dogs and lift three or four shopping bags of bottles and broken glass from the dunes,” said Morris, who called into The Coleraine Times office to highlight the matter.

“I’ve contacted the five Skerries councillors about the issue and also sent photographs to the Council.

“Two of the Council staff came back to me to say thanks for bringing it to our attention but no one has saidf they are actually going to do anything about it.”

Morris, from Primrose Close, said the unsightly rubbish and broken bottles, prevents him from bringing his grandchildren to the beach.

“The area would need cleaned up every other day, it’s endless. My fear is that a child could cut an artery on their foot playing in the dunes.”

A spokesperson for Coleraine Borough Council said: “Coleraine Borough Council had been informed that a group of people have been spending time and leaving significant debris, some of which dangerous, on the sand dunes at White Rocks in the East Strand of Portrush.

“Council’s Environmental Services Department inspected the area and took immediate action by extending Council workers hours to ensure the area was cleared of the waste and dangerous items.”

The spokesperson added: “Council would like to appeal to anyone using the area over the summer months to take their rubbish home or use the rubbish bins provided to help ensure everyone enjoys our beaches.”