Disney comes to town!

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Volunteer Now is partnering with Disney and Youth Service America to offer Disney Friends for Change Grants in Northern Ireland.

These grants will offer young people aged 5-18 an opportunity to receive £750 to help make a lasting positive change in the world and to show how even small actions can add up to big change.

Wendy Osborne, CEO Volunteer Now, said: “Whether you are passionate about protecting the planet, providing meals to those who need them, giving other young people the resources to star in their own play or be an athlete or an artist, you can be a Friend for Change!

“Whatever your interests, a Disney Friends for Change Grant can help you make a difference for people, communities and the planet.”

This exciting partnership will help to showcase the very best of youth social action across Northern Ireland, enabling children and young people to lead and inspire others to join them in taking practical action for positive social change.

A simple online form invites applicants to describe the community issue they want to tackle, providing further details about the action they will take and explain how this will inspire others to help.

Children and young people between the ages of 5 – 18yrs are eligible to apply for grants of up to £750. If younger than 13, someone aged 18 or older must prepare and submit the application on their behalf.

The deadline for applications is midnight on Thursday 5th July 2012. To begin the online application process, visit: http://www.disney.co.uk/friendsforchange/

To talk to someone about your application or for more information about the grants contact: youth@volunteernow.co.uk