Do you know what a VHC is?

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A Vehicle Health Check (VHC) is a recent development in many modern workshops.

Due to Duty of Care legislation it is now incumbent on all repairers to give customers a report on the safety of their vehicle. The Vehicle Health Check is normally a written report that will comprise of the customers details and vehicle details. The VHC will give a report on the condition of a number of components. It should not be confused with a vehicle service as it is a visual check which will make recommendations for repairs. The majority of Vehicle Health Checks are user friendly and easy to understand as they use a traffic light system whereby anything that is in a good condition is marked green, any component not requiring immediate replacement but that will need work in the near future will be marked amber and anything requiring immediate attention will be marked red.

Most Vehicle Health Checks concentrate on seven main sections:

1)Wheels and Tyres

All 4 tyres on the vehicle will be checked along with the spare wheel (if applicable) and the wheel alignment

2)External Inspection

The vehicle will be checked for any dents and paintwork scratches on the body and the wheels. Checks will also take place on the glass, mirrors and door locks of the vehicle. The engine will also be checked for any irregular noise and smoke emission

3)Lights & Electrics

The front and rear lights of the vehicle will be checked to ensure they are fully functional. Checks will be performed on the horn, wipers and washers along with the heating, Air Conditioning (if applicable) and general ventilation system. The internal condition of the vehicle will be checked as part of this process and any warning lights on the dashboard identified.


Underbonnet checks include engine oil, antifreeze, water, oil, fluid leaks, alternator, battery, power steering fluid, timing belt and fuel system.

5)Brakes & Hubs

As a crucial safety checks on the braking system are important. As part of the Vehicle Health Check attention will be given to the Master Cylinder, Brake Fluid Boiling point along with a check on the front and rear brakes of the vehicle. As well as this wheel bearings and hoses, pipes and cables will also be checked.


The underside of the vehicle will have checks performed on it including the Exhaust system, steering, front and rear suspension and driveshafts with an eye kept for evidence of any oil leaks


As part of the pre-conditioning check dates will be given for when the next service is due on the vehicle and, if applicable, an MOT will be provided. As part of pre-conditioning an estimated time for oil level top up will also be provided.

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