Dog cruelty case in Portrush

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COLERAINE Borough Council dog wardens made a shocking discovery following a tip off from a member of the public last month.

This dog (PICTURED), whose breed couldn’t be identified at the time of the incident, was one of two found in the Carneybaun Drive area of Portrush.

The other dog was a King Charles Spaniel.

Both were in an appalling condition, as the picture shows, the dog’s face is bearly visible.

This dog, which was later identified as a poodle, did not have not have an identification tag or a microchip, so Council were unable to get in contact with the owner.

Coleraine Borough Council works with Margaret Graham’s Kennels in Articlave.

The dogs were taken there, and were assessed by Margaret and her team.

Unfortuately, the King Charles, because of its physical condition, could not lift its back end.

A further assessment was carried out by a local vet, but sadly it be euthanised due to its condition.

After some thorough tender loving care, a bath and a make over, the second dog, was confirmed to be a poodle.

Thankfully the little poodle was rehomed at the Dogs Trust in Ballymena, within hours of his arrival.

In light of this incident, Coleraine Council is alerting members of the public that animal cruelty and neglect will not be tolerated at any level. Council provides a service for unwanted dogs and pets.

They are now urging the public to rethink the consequences in relation to animal abuse.

In some cases, a court order can be issued for anyone found neglecting an animal.

Council Dog Warden, Dave Sexton commented: “If you do not want your dog, or if you are finding it financially difficult to look after your dog, please let Council know sooner rather than later - and we can help.

“Cruelty to animals should not exist today, and anyone found to be neglecting or abusing any animal or pet should be reported and suffer the consequences.

“Council has Dog Wardens and now has Animal Welfare officers which can be contacted at any time of the day or week.

“Council also has a contract with local kennelling facilities, where a dog will be held until a home is found.

“I am encouraging anyone who recognises cruelty to a dog or animal by a friend, member of their family or neighbour, to either encourage them to give the animal up, or contact council and report them so a member of staff can call and investigate, and if necessary, take steps to prosecute.”

If any member of the public finds a stray dog, or witnesses neglect to any animal or pet, please contact the Animal Welfare Officer in Ballymena on 028 256 60412 or contact Coleraine Borough Council’s Dog Warden, on 028 7034 7192.

Alternatively log onto Council’s website for more information;