Dog fouling case ends in court fine of £800

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A Portstewart dog owner was caught twice in one day for dog fouling - and fined a massive £800, it’s been revealed.

Coleraine Borough Council has highlighted the unusual case to signal its determination to stamp out dog fouling onlocal streets.

Council revealed that an officer approached the owner and presented a fixed penalty for failing to remove the excrement.

This was later ignored and went to court resulting in an £800 fine for the dog owner.

Jackie Barr, from Coleraine Borough Council, said: “This is one of many success stories for Coleraine Borough Council, however we would prefer it if owners were more responsible instead.

“This amount of fine is unusual as a fixed penalty by a dog warden is £50, but this particular owner was informed of his actions and still chose to ignore the consequences. “The judge took swift action and made two fines of £400 each for the two occasions, totaling £800.”

Jackie added: “All dog owners are required to be responsible and look after their dog’s welfare in keeping with their local community’s best interests.

“I can not stress enough the importance of having a foul-free borough aiming to improve our tourism opportunities attracting visitors to the area, but primarily for our local communities and the health and well being of our local children.

“Aside from the unpleasantness for everyone, there has been a recent case in Northern Ireland where a child became blind as a result of dog fouling. Despite work by Council Officers, there seems to be an increase in the irresponsible actions of some dog owners.

“I would appeal to anyone who witnesses someone allowing their dog to foul and not picking it up, to please contact Council Environmental Services Department. Our team of dog wardens will investigate and confirm if a fixed penalty should be issued. Dog foul can now be put in any of the bins in the Borough so there is no excuse. Keep our borough clean and safe without foul play!”