Dog put down after being left tied up for six hours

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Cruelty to animals is not acceptable - that’s the message from Coleraine Borough Council.

The warning comes after a dog, tied up at Windsor Avenue in Coleraine, for over six hours, had to be put down last week.

Dog Warden, Nuala Houston said that a resident from Windsor Avenue contacted a member of Council’s Dog Warden Team on the ‘out of hours’ emergency phone to report an abandoned dog. It is believed that the dog had been tied up to a wooden fence from around 6am that morning, when it woke residents as it was barking with distress.

“Council wardens initially couldn’t approach the dog as it was very aggressive. A bowl of food had been left beside the dog - this was no accident, it had been purposely tied up and abandoned.

“The dog seemed to be completely blind in one eye and the other eye was very cloudy. There also seemed to be a growth from his mouth and this was bleeding profusely. This was a horrific case of cruelty. Due to its condition, a decision was made to have the dog humanely destroyed.

“Results now show that there were bad cataracts in both eyes and an infection in one side of its mouth which was causing the bleeding.

“If you cannot afford to look after their dogs contact a member of Council’s Dog Warden Team or alternatively the Animal Welfare Team for support and information.”