Dog rescue charity in search for new home

Maggie from Causeway Coast Dog Rescue
Maggie from Causeway Coast Dog Rescue

Causeway Coast Dog Rescue has announced that they have been forced to close their current rehoming centre, due to ‘issues’ with their Castleroe base.

The charity will remain open for support and signposting services.

Their charity shop in the Diamond Centre will also remain open.

Causeway Coast Dog Rescue, fronted by well known Coleraine woman Maggie Dimesdale Bobby is currently based in Castleroe.

Speaking exclusively to The Times on Friday, Maggie said that they are now ‘actively looking for a new home’.

“We have been forced to close the rehoming side of the charity, due to a situation that is beyond our control.

“This action, even if it is only for a short time, will have a big impact on dogs here locally.

“Dogs that are needing rehomed will be put down, simply because there is not enough room for them to be taken in by centres locally.

“I must stress that the dogs we currently have in our care are safe - they are being sent to England this weekend with the Dogs Trust charity.”

Maggie has called on the public to continue to support Causeway Coast Dog Rescue.

A post on their facebook page said: “We regret to inform our followers that as of today and for the immediate future, we can no longer take in dogs due to ongoing construction issues with our sanctuary.

“However, in the meantime we will continue to support you in our signposting and support service to ensure your dog finds a home or to find you a new member of your family, as we hope you will continue to support us in our charitable work. Thank you.”