Don’t miss Garvagh Museum Diamond Jubilee exhibition

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TO commemorate the Diamond Jubilee oF Queen Elizabeth II, Garvagh Museum has set up an exhibition of over 2,000 artefacts related to Royal events over the last two centuries.

You can see a facsimile of the dinner plate used at King William IV’s Coronation Banquet in 1830 and also another made for his successor Queen Victoria in 1837.

There is a picture of Queen Victoria signed by the Queen herself and dated 1897, Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee.

As well as the souvenirs from Royal events, there is a Lord Lieutenants uniform from the 19th century. Flags, pictures, plates and beakers, also books and documents, including a service book made for use at the Queen’s coronation in 1953 are also on display.

The exhibition will be open to the public on 26th - 28th July from 2pm to 5pm, also from 7pm to 9pm each evening. Light refreshments during the evening sessions.