Door open to volunteering says the Volunteer Centre

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The door to volunteering is open to everyone.

That’s the message from Causeway Volunteer Centre.

The Centre has been working hard with placement organisations to ensure that people with all levels of ability are included. Many local organisations have just completed Volunteer Management training which empathised the importance of valuing diversity in the workforce.

A CVC spokesperson said: We feel confident that there is room for everyone; people who have a disability or long term health conditions, people who don’t have English as a first language, people who are young and inexperienced or those who consider themselves too old, anyone who is trying to find a way to be involved, to meet people, to gain skills and experience, to have a routine.”

CVC has just launched a Diversity Campaign in River House and the mayor Cllr George Duddy was delighted to add his support. For more information visit or email