Door supervisors training event

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DOOR supervisors training event at Kelly’s COLERAINE Borough Council delivered training to door supervisors at Kelly’s complex in Portrush last Wednesday.

Topics covered included raising awareness of the dangers surrounding drugs and alcohol, how to carry out effective searching of patrons and ID awareness information.

The programme was funded by Coleraine Community Safety Partnership and District Policing Partnership and was delivered in conjunction with the Causeway Rural and Urban Network, the PSNI and Council’s Enforcement Officer.

Debbie Keys, Council’s Health and Well Being Officer, said: “It covered clarification on the four classifications of drugs, the dangers associated with them and the legalities patrons face should they have drugs or weapons on their person.

“There were practical body searching demonstrations during the training initiative showing how to ensure that any dangerous weapons and illegal drugs are seized and admission is refused to the nightclub.

“Information surrounding licensing requirements, fire exit stipulations and the importance of efficient ID checks of each patron were included during the session.”