Drama queens all set to give you “MORE”


WHEN self-confessed ‘Drama Queens’ Oonah McEwan and Kathy Walsh met for a coffee, they chatted about many things theatrical.

Oonah said it was a shame that Speech and Drama didn’t involve more drama and at that moment and so, The MORE Dramatic Theatre Company was born.

Their conversation led them to discuss how Speech and Drama should be more active and involve greater participation through Drama exercises. Hence, the aim of the MORE Dramatic Theatre Company is to bridge the gap between their love for traditional Speech and Drama and for performing and acting.

Oonah and Kathy have notched up over thirty years of Drama teaching experience between them. They have a passion and enthusiasm for performing that they are keen to instil in their new Theatre Company.

Oonah said: “We’re offering Speech and Drama with a difference. We recognise that for young people today, the acquisition of academic grades can sometimes not be enough to enable them to stand out from the crowd when it comes to employability.

“So we’re offering the MORE Dramatic Theatre Company as a way of enabling young people to build confidence, interpersonal skills, thinking skills, communication skills and a full range of performance skills with the option of doing their traditional Speech and Drama grades if they wish.”

Kathy added: “It is widely noted that in the competitive job market of today employers are looking for that little bit more. Whilst qualifications will always be important, the skills that Speech and Drama offer will enable you to offer a different range of proficiencies.

“The confidence to lead, build good working relationships with others and develop a creative approach to your work may just be the skills that set you apart from the rest of the potential employees and it is precisely these skills that MORE Dramatic Theatre Company are aiming to develop in their innovative new classes.

“To sum up we’re offering the same skills and qualifications but with a lot MORE drama and a lot MORE fun. We’re offering classes for pupils in P5 to GCSE at the Riverside Theatre, Coleraine. The idea is that we’re offering choice.

“Pupils will all learn the same skills and techniques but can choose, with the help of their parents, to do examinations or festivals if they wish. Having taught Speech and Drama I am aware that there is a lot to be gained from watching others deliver their work but Oonah and I are convinced that the MORE dramatic alternative approach will enthuse and inspire pupils through Drama and performing.

“We’re excited about this project and so grateful to the Riverside Theatre, Coleraine for the use of their facilities. Both of us have established excellent working relationships with the Riverside Theatre, Coleraine over the years and the chance to support our local theatre is very important to us.”

The MORE Dramatic Theatre Company has places available from September. If you require more information please telephone Oonah and Kathy on 07426720460 or email moredramainfo@gmail.com