Drunk man threw urine container in the hospital

A 42-YEAR-OLD Portrush man who exposed his genitals and then threw a container of urine causing contamination at a triage room in Coleraine Hospital later visited the site to personally apologise to staff, his lawyer claimed.

David Purdy, of Bath Street, was disruptive at the Causeway Hospital on February 7 this year, the Magistrates Court in Coleraine was told last Wednesday.

Purdy was charged with offences of disorderly behaviour, indecent behaviour and criminal damage to hospital and computer equipment.

A prosecutor said Purdy had been assaulted in a pub in Portrush and was taken to hospital with a severe cut to his eye.

Purdy later assaulted a police officer on the same date.

The court also heard that on March 14 this year police received a call of a drunk male “directing traffic” at the corner of Railway Road and Lodge Road in Coleraine.

When police arrived at the scene, Purdy was “shouting hysterically” and he was charged with disorderly behaviour.

A defence lawyer said his client is “disgusted” by his totally unacceptable behaviour at the hospital but that he was “out of it” and was high on drink and medication.

He said there was no excuse but Purdy began drinking at the age of 13 and became an alcoholic but that now his family are seeing a commitment from him to change and he is getting help from addiction counsellors; has moved address in Portrush; changed his phone number and his family have his mobile so his previous drinking friends cannot contact him.

District Judge Richard Wilson noted that Purdy had a suspended sentence and to re-offend in the way he did when he was “paralytic” did not exhibit much wit but said that if he jailed him it would only protect the community for a short period.

Mr Wilson said if there is a chance of deflecting the defendant from his drink-related offending it would be better and he ordered him to engage with Probation regarding alcohol addiction and deferred sentence to December 18.

Mr Wilson added that if Purdy re-offended “you have my personal guarantee that you will be going away.

You will not be at home for Christmas.”