Duddy defiant after second attack

DUP councillor George Duddy outside his  home. INCR39-109MJ
DUP councillor George Duddy outside his home. INCR39-109MJ
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DUP councillor George Duddy says the attack on his home will not put him off representing his constituents.

Councillor Duddy was speaking on Friday morning just hours after his home was attacked for a second time.

Graffiti was sprayed on the front wall of the DUP man’s property last Thursday night. The incident happened in the Drumaquill Road area of the town sometime between 10.20pm and 10.40pm.

A police spokesman said they were treating the incident as a ‘hate crime’ and appealed for information.

“This attack will not deflect my from representing my constituents nor will it take me away from my membership of the Orange Institution,” said councillor Duddy.

A delegation of DUP councillors will meet Area Commander Nicky Thompson this week, and councillor Duddy says that something needs done now to stop ‘this orchestrated campaign’.

“I am not the only one to be targeted, this has been on going since the start of July - flags being removed from homes, cars being vandalised and people being intimidated from their homes.”

The DUP man placed the blame with the police and their ‘lack of action’. He said: “I am not blaming the ordinary constables on the ground. I am laying the blame for these attacks firmly with the senior officers in ‘H’ District and the Chief Constable. This is an ongoing campaign that is threatening lives and well being.

“There is a growing frustration with the police amongst Loyalists and Unionists here in Coleraine - this is the 18th attack and no one has been made amenable.”

The attack on councillor Duddy’s home has been condemned by the Grand Orange Lodge and many of his party colleagues.

In a statement a Grand Orange Lodge spokesman said: “This latest sinister attack is deeply concerning and clearly yet another attempt by republicans to suppress Orangeism in the Coleraine area. The threatening nature of the graffiti is alarming and the reference linking Mr Duddy to a paramilitary organisation is as absurd as it is sickening.”

MLA Adrian McQuillan described the attack as ‘sinister’ and called for police to ‘take action immediately’.

MLA George Robinson added:” Another attack has taken place on the home of councillor Duddy who has committed his time to serving the population of Coleraine. The attack is nothing less than a personal and sectarian act and must be roundly condemned.”