Dunkirk fire at the Jet Centre

The Jet Centre.
The Jet Centre.

Coleraine’s Jet Centre had to be evacuated during a screening of the hit World War Two movie ‘Dunkirk’ on Tuesday evening.

The incident occurred after a cinema speaker apparently short-circuited.

A scene from the movie, Dunkirk.

A scene from the movie, Dunkirk.

A cinema in Coleraine, County Londonderry, has been evacuated after an electrical fire during a screening of the World War Two film Dunkirk.

The Jet Centre was evacuated briefly after a stage speaker in the cinema screen apparently short-circuited.

A few members of the audience noticed a light behind the screen and reported it to cinema staff.

Moviegoers and other centre users were evacuated from the building as the emergency services were called.

Four fire engines were dispatched, but the fire was already out when they arrived.

No-one was hurt and there was no damage to the building, and it was due to reopen later today.

Customers whose entertainment was disrupted should contact the centre, said a statement issued by the Jet Centre management.

“This turned out not to be a serious incident but we are delighted by the quick response of our staff and the care taken to ensure the safety of our customers,” it said.

“Our procedures were followed to the letter by our staff and by the time the fire brigade arrived, everyone was out of the building.”

Christopher Nolan’s acclaimed Second World War film tells the story of the mass evacuation of Allied troops from the northern coast of France in 1940.