Dunluce Centre is up for sale for £910,000...and deadline is this Monday!

Alderman Norman Hillis
Alderman Norman Hillis

Time is running out for Dunluce Centre in Portrush as the deadline looms for its sale.

The building and its lands are up for sale on the open market with a guide price of £910,000.

The building has cost the council more than £40,000 per year to maintain since it closed in 2013.

UUP councillor Norman Hillis Ulster Unionist Party explained: “The money isn’t the key factor, it seems strange to say that, but getting the right person to do the right thing on that site is really the key thing. You could get far more money if you were to put a supermarket or something in there but that’s not what we want. We want something that will boost the local economy, tourism, and hopefully the residents will enjoy as well.

“It’s really regrettable it’s taken this length of time to get something done - but let’s look forward rather than back.”

The site’s future will become clearer on Monday when the deadline for expressions of interest from buyers is due to close.

Business leaders in Portrush say the right tenant could improve the fortunes of the entire north coast.

Clare McIntyre, vice president of the Causeway Chamber of Commerce, said it was important that the site was put back into use. She added: “We would consider this to be a key gateway site into Portrush. It’s a fantastic business opportunity for perhaps a boutique hotel, a wet weather facility or an office premises. We need to see this site being utilised.

“That would bring sustainable wealth and wellbeing to the people of the town, and would help boost business in the north coast area. That’s how important this site is.”