Dunluce production of ‘Annie’ a huge success

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Played over three consecutive nights, with two performances for local primary schools during the day, the production involved around a fifth of the school population on stage, backstage and front of house, along with a large proportion of the staff - it was certainly a whole school venture.

While many of the talented young principals have appeared in previous productions, Megan Hannah of Year 9 made her debut in a principal role as the eponymous Annie.

As with any school, it will be sad to see some of the veteran performers move on next year and we wish them well. Fortunately the interest in musical theatre at Dunluce remains immerse and it is encouraging to see so many pupils already discussing next year’s production. Special mention must go to Max, another new addition to the cast, who played the part of Sandy with the utmost professionalism.

Congratulations must to Mr Alan McClarty, Mr David Lutton, other staff members involved in the production and, most importantly, the young people who conducted themselves in such an exemplary manner both onstage and off.

Audiences, young and odd, were heard humming the tunes as they left and there were many complimentary comments made.

Praising their performances other members of the audience said that: Natasha McGill as Miss Hannigan was “always in role”; Megan Hannah was “the perfect Annie…born to play the part”; Georgia Taggart as Grace was complimented for her “poise and maturity” and the orphans were “enthusiastic and energetic” throughout.