DUP Bradley is new Mayor

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DUP Alderman Maurice Bradley is the new Mayor of Coleraine.

Bradley took over the chain from UUP councillor Norman Hillis last Monday night. This is his second term in office, and he says that it will be an ‘honour’ to represent the electorate of Coleraine.

Speaking as he took office, Alderman Bradley said: “I would like to thank my DUP colleagues for nominating me as Mayor for the ensuing year, it is an honour to represent the electorate of Coleraine Borough, and no more so as Mayor.

“We face stark economic challenges in the year ahead. The expectancy to do more for less money and the financial burden placed upon rate-payers in the Borough is immense. During the year ahead, I will be promoting the Borough of Coleraine as a major investment opportunity for companies especially in the IT sector. We have the fastest and most secure cable connection to America on our own doorstep. Now is the time to use that advantage to create employment opportunities for all.

“There will be excellent opportunities in the year ahead.

“We are the Home of the International North West 200, an event which attracts a world-wide audience. We need to make our Assembly realise the importance of this event to Northern Ireland plc., and put the appropriate funding in place to ensure the event’s continued success and development.

“Also this year, we will be making preparations for the Olympic Torch Run through the Borough and will host an official Olympic event in Portrush. This presents a tremendous opportunity for our young children and families to get involved, and for all of us to celebrate being part of a once in a life-time experience.

“The Northern Ireland Milk Cup continues to hold its place as the Premier Youth Tournament in the world - again, held here in our own Borough.

“We have temporarily lost the finals to Ballymena, but with this Council’s foresight we are embarking on an exciting project which will give this town the injection it needs to restore our pride in excellence, and bring the finals back to Coleraine.”

Mayor Bradley went on to congratulate UUP councillor William King on his election as Deputy Mayor.

Concluding, Mayor Bradley said: “Yes, there are hard challenges ahead. There are also unique opportunities. As a united Borough and a united Council, I believe that we can achieve great things together.

“And, as Mayor, I hope to play a part in meeting those challenges, making use of those opportunities and promoting Coleraine Borough as the premier place to live and do business while attracting inward investment to benefit all who live and stay within the Borough.”