DUP react to Republican flags ‘aggression’


DUP councillors on Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council have criticised comments made by nationalist and republican councillors following a vote to fly the Union flag on nine council properties in the new Borough

Commenting, DUP group lead Alderman John Finlay said: “Since the new Council came into being in April, scores of decisions have been taken relating to everything from the mundane task of determining policy in respect of replacing broken wheelie bin axles, to higher level issues around organisational efficiencies and economic development strategy.

“Whilst the DUP has always endeavoured to reflect the views of our electorate in all decisions, the party group’s position has not always been carried in Council. That’s how democracy works.

“In contrast, any time an issue arises where the nationalist-republican collective on Council lose the vote, their representatives take to beating their chests and rabble-rousing as if doing so will somehow change the freely expressed will of the majority of elected representatives.

“Some republican councillors have gone further, using provocative and threatening language to indicate a policy with which they disagree will be opposed through a range of means including physical intervention. The councillor in question seems to think that by ‘squaring up’ in such a juvenile manner, Council policy will be reversed to suit his personal insecurities and sectarian viewpoint... he is mistaken.”