DUP’s McLean expresses outrage at McGlinchey’s IRA comments

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DUP Cllr Alan McLean has expressed his outrage at comments made by Sinn Fein Cllr Sean McGlinchey, who sought to glorify the terrorist campaign of the IRA at a recent meeting of Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council. 

Commenting Cllr McLean said: ‘I was absolutely appalled at the outburst from Cllr McGlinchey, who stated ‘he was in the IRA and proud of it’. What is particularly shameful is that he made these comments in a town where, in 1973, he callously murdered 6 innocent people. 

It is evident that Cllr McGlinchey has no remorse for the blood on his hands and believes the terrorist cause he promoted was justified. Most right thinking people will find this view absolutely repulsive and realise that terrorism has no place in Northern Ireland.’ 

Even more astonishingly, when given the option of apologising to the victims, Cllr McGlinchey stood by his remarks and simply recognised that it was incentive to make the remarks in Coleraine. This is an intolerable response and I’m confident that the community in Causeway Coast and Glens will join us in standing with the victims and against the terror which Mr McGlinchey seeks to promote.’ 

‘For Cllr McGlinchey to make his comments in a debate on the Refugee Crisis was particularly disgraceful. Given that he is proud of a terrorist campaign in Northern Ireland that forced thousands to flee their homes in border areas for fear of their lives’ 

‘The DUP believe that Cllr McGlinchey’s remarks are in breach of the Northern Ireland Local Government code of conduct and have made representations to the Chief Executive in regard to this matter.