East Londonderry residents pay shock

Local people are earning less.
Local people are earning less.

People living and working in East Londonderry earn less than anyone else in Northern Ireland, the Times can reveal.

According to new figures, the most accurate estimate of the average weekly wage for people living and working in the East Londonderry Parliamentary Constituency Area is lower than for any other area of Northern Ireland.

The median wage for East Londonderry residents is just over £328 - a relative pittance compared to the £455 median wage in South Belfast.

The figures are taken from the Northern Ireland Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings, published recently by the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment.

The survey also details the median wage, broken down by place of work rather than place of residence. For instance, someone living in Coleraine but working in Londonderry would feature in the survey as an East Londonderry resident but a worker in the Foyle constituency.

In the figures for median pay by place of work, East Londonderry is also rock bottom. The median weekly pay for someone working in East Londonderry is £302.50 - well below the median wage in Foyle of £373.50 or of South Antrim of £391.70.

The figures for Northern Ireland as a whole, according to the survey, median weekly earnings for full-time employees were £485, up 5.4 per cent from £460 in 2014. This represents the largest annual percentage increase in earnings since 2004 and the first increase in inflation adjusted earnings since 2009.

In East Londonderry, according to last year’s figures there has been an increase in the median wage earned by people working in the area of £14.30. People working in East Londonderry also earned less than people working in any other area of Northern Ireland, according to last year’s figures, with a median weekly wage of £288.20.

The figures for people living in East Londonderry have also shown an increase since last year’s survey, although the increase has been miniscule. Last year the median wage for East Londonderry residents was £327.70 - compared to £328.10 this year.