Christie to start ‘Walk to School Bus’ initiative

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A Coleraine primary school is starting a ‘Walk to School Bus’ initiative each Friday in a new partnership with the Sustrans Active School Travel Programme.

DH Christie Memorial Primary School will begin the project this Friday and principal Peter Henry hopes it will go some way to address traffic concerns on the Ballycairn Road.

In a letter to parents, Mr Henry said: “This is a fantastic project and with parents support should make a big difference.

“If you are genuinely concerned about the traffic situation then I know you will sign up for the new plans.

“Our P7 children have been busily using postcodes and the map of Coleraine to figure out which routes we could take on our walking bus.”

Christie teacher Chris Murdock has been working with Sustrans Active Travel Officer Emma Keenan on the the scheme.

“As a school, we see many positive benefits of increasing the number of children cycling, walking and scooting to and from school”, they explained in a letter to parents.

“As more children walk of cycle to school there will also be fewer cars around the school gates, making our school a safer place for everyone.”

Christie will work with Sustrans to organise promotional activities and events and cycle training.

There are currently more than 400 pupils at the school with many parents driving their children to school.