Excitement builds at town’s new school

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The borough’s new school - Coleraine Grammar School, is making final preparations before it opens its doors for the first times next week.

It has been a hectic summer for all those involved in the preparations for the new school which sees Coleraine High School and Coleraine Inst merge on the latter’s site at Castlerock Road.

Dr David Carruthers, principal of the new school said; “The Interim Board of Governors, Senior Management Team, teachers and support staff have been working hard over the summer months to get the new school ready for the new academic year and we are all very excited about the prospect of starting this brand new chapter in the history of post-primary education within the Coleraine area.

“From day one, we recognised that change of this nature can be unsettling for people and with this in mind we have made a conscious and concerted effort to share as much information with students and parents as possible.

“As we look forward to welcoming both familiar faces and many new ones we are all acutely aware that Coleraine High School and Coleraine Inst both enjoy long and very proud histories. Our focus remains on building on the strengths and ethos of both schools, both inside and outside the classroom to deliver a school which benefits current and future pupils, their families and the wider community.”

This week the school announced a number of key details to help pupils - and parents - prepare for the new term.

Pupils are due to register for their new classes and find out their timetables during a series of induction days running from Monday, August 24 to Friday, August 28.

Years 8 and 9 will attend the Lodge Road campus whilst Years 10 and 11 will be on the Castlerock Road campus with Years 12 and 14 completing their GCSE and A level courses on their original site, ie boys on Castlerock Road and girls on Lodge Road.

Year 13 pupils will be registered for their A level course when they receive their GCSE results on both campuses on Thursday.

The induction days will give the pupils the opportunity to meet all members of staff and pupils in their year groups and become familiar with the new surroundings and the various physical changes that have taken place in preparation for the new school year.

The details are as follows: Monday, August 24, 9am-1pm: Staff only; Tuesday, August 25, 9am-12noon, Year 14; Wednesday, August 26, 9am-1pm, Year 9; Thursday 27 August, 9am-1pm: Years 8, 10 9am – 1pm; Friday, August 28, 9am-1pm: Years 8, 10; Years 11, 12, 10am – 1pm.

The school will open at 8.55am and close at 3.25pm. Following agreement with Translink, new school bus timetables will be in operation to facilitate these times. The timetable changes are designed to ease local traffic concerns and have been agreed following discussions with Translink, DRD and other stakeholders. Bus timetable details can be found on the new school website www.colerainegrammar.com

As part of the induction days, the school will also take the opportunity to unveil its new sports gear, following confirmation that leading sports provider Under Armour has been selected as the official supplier of sports clothing to the school. The Interim Board of Governors has chosen the sports brand for its quality, value for money against other sports brands,