‘Exciting new era for education’ say new school’s Interim Board

Coleraine High School.MARK JAMIESON
Coleraine High School.MARK JAMIESON

A new co-educational voluntary grammar school in Coleraine represents an “exciting and challenging new chapter for education.”

So says a new interim Board of Governors, made up equally of Coleraine Inst and Coleraine High School.

As we reveal today on our front page the Board is considering five names for the new school: Coleraine Grammar School, Causeway Grammar School, Irish Society Grammar School, Coleraine Voluntary Grammar School and The Academy, Coleraine.

Interim Board representaives met with the Department of Education last week to discuss procedures around the establishment of the new school. Details of how the school will function will be given to the parents of P6 and P7 pupils at the new school’s open night in January.

Mrs N McCollum, Chair of the Interim Board of Governors said, “This is an exciting and challenging new chapter for education in Coleraine, with a vast array of wide-ranging elements to be considered in the establishment of this new school.

“As members of the Interim Board, we are very aware that we need the support of the entire community in making the transition from CAI and CHS to one new united school as smooth as possible.

“We would like to reassure all stakeholders that the ethos and heritage of these two exceptional and long-established schools will continue to be reflected in the educational excellence and well-being of the present and future pupils of this new co-educational voluntary grammar school in Coleraine.”