Hezlett Primary School reach finals of ‘Making The Difference’ awards

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HEZLETT Primary School, Castlerock, was delighted to reach the final of the ‘Making The Difference’ awards in the category of ‘Best School’.

Seven representatives from the school attended a gala evening at the Grand Opera House in Belfast, which was geared towards recognising important contributions and achievements by various people and organisations within Northern Ireland.

Hezlett was nominated, along with three other schools in the province, not only for educating inside the classroom, but for continually promoting healthy lifestyles throughout the communities of Castlerock and Articlave.

For four years it has been spearheading a project to encourage the community to make the school journey on foot or by bicycle. A special ‘Walking Bus’ event recently saw over 75% of school pupils walking or cycling to school in the morning, and the pupils’ enthusiasm has inspired many adults around the community to follow suit.

Hezlett PS also participates in an extensive planting and growing project both in their own school grounds and at Hezlett House. Maintaining their own garden, looking for and attracting all kinds of wildlife and helping to keep their local area clean and tidy are all ways in which the children at Hezlett have been learning to appreciate their own environment.

And when they dug up their own vegetables at Hezlett House, they were even encouraged to cook for the family at home!

Staff and pupils were thrilled to be represented at the ‘Making The Difference’ awards. “So much work has been put in to these various projects and it’s fantastic that Hezlett Primary School was able to take its place alongside Northern Ireland’s finest.”

Healthy lifestyles and a wide variety of ‘Eco-activities’ continue on a daily basis at Hezlett Primary School and you can see lots of photographs and videos of the various projects by visiting the school website www.hezlettprimaryschool.co.uk