Holmes saddened by proposed closure of school

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A Coleraine councillor has expressed dismay at the recommendation to close Garvagh High School.

Councillor Richard Holmes told the The Coleraine Times: “I am saddened that the NEELB looks set to close Garvagh High School which has contributed so much to the local community and economy over the years.”.

He added: “It is unacceptable that in 2012, we are going to be losing another good quality school. Instead of creating an education sector which builds on the strengths of our outstanding grammar schools with a world class skills focused secondary and technical schools system, we are in danger of creating a comprehensive type system which delivers the worst of both worlds.”

“The loss of schools across the country such as Garvagh High School further diminishes the prospects for economic recovery built around manufacturing which is a genuine wealth creator for the economy.”