Irish Week and European Day events at Loreto College

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LAST week saw dual celebrations at Loreto College in Coleraine with the marking of Seachtain na Gaelige (Irish Week) and European Day.

Seachtain na Gaeilge (Irish Week) proved most enjoyable, as always. Pupils enjoyed a week of activities and entertainment and the fact that all Irish books were left at home for the week only added to the joy.

The week’s events included a lively ceili with the appointment, following election, of an ‘Irish Royal Family’ from among the student population. Those elected were: King of Ireland, Liam McGoldrick, Queen of Ireland Eimear McAllister, Prince of Ireland, Ciaran McGilligan, Princess of Ireland, Tiarna McGinty and Royal Baby, Daniel Dallat.

There was also entertainment on offer in the canteen at breaktimes, courtesy of the College’s traditional musicians, led by teachers Mrs Maeve Close and Mr Gerry McGouran.

The Irish Department also held its annual Irish Mass in the convent chapel on Friday.

Thursday also saw the College’s annual European Day organised by the Modern Languages department.

Marking the European dimension, Year 8-10 students at the Castlerock Road school were able to join in a range of lively activities, from a Eurovision Disco in which all Year 8 students enjoyed music from France, Spain, Germany, the UK and elsewhere, to a multi-lingual game of bingo for all Year 9 students, to an intensely contested European table quiz for all Year 10 students. Assistance at all these events was received from Year 11 students from GCSE level French, Spanish and Irish classes.