NCIC Gardening Club prize

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The Gardening Club at North Coast Integrated College in Coleraine won ‘Most Imaginative Design’, at The Garden Show Ireland event at Antrim Castle Gardens earlier this month.

The pupils’ brief was to design and create a 3x3m show garden based on the theme a “Colourful Garden”

The students decided to create a healthy picnic area for the micro farm in school, which has a garden plot, five guinea pigs, two rabbits, sixhens, two lambs, two ponds with 10 fish and a lot of tadpoles!

Lots of pupils at the school enjoy visiting the micro farm but there is nowhere to sit, eat and chat.

With this in mind the students created a garden to facilitate this.

Around the table they planted lots of fruit plants, strawberries, black currants, redcurrants and raspberries with a view to promoting the message of healthy eating.

The students also used egg shells from the school hens as a natural pest barrier, added to this, most of the materials used in the show garden were recycled materials.

Judging was carried out by Cherrie McIlwaine (BBC Radio Ulster, Gardeners’ Corner).

Principal Paul Mullan praised the pupils’ ingenuity and creativity and congratuled them on winning the prestigious prize on behalf of all the pupils at North Coast Integrated.