Principal calls for a new build at local college

Madamme Skobel Vice Principal, Oran Kearney  Guest of Honour, Mr R Marsh Principal and Dianne Keys at Coleraine College Prize day  INCR39-15029BW
Madamme Skobel Vice Principal, Oran Kearney Guest of Honour, Mr R Marsh Principal and Dianne Keys at Coleraine College Prize day INCR39-15029BW

Coleraine College can provide an educational pathway that allows its students to obtain very good grades and be successful.

Principal Richard Marsh made the assertion during prize day at the college as he congratulated the pupils on “a very encouraging improvement in our examination performance at both GCSE and A-level.”

Addressing the young students, he said: “The young people sitting in front of me are what makes this school special; and it is you who are the most important people in this school; and it is you who can play arguably the biggest role in making this school a successful, happy and respected institution.”

Referring to the school’s performance in public examinations, he reported: “At GCSE, the percentage of pupils achieving five or more GCSEs or equivalences at Grades A-C increased to 67% this year, far exceeding the targets set by staff, while 36% of our students achieved five or more GCSEs or equivalences at Grades A-C including English and Maths, an increase of almost 12% on the previous year, which is a tremendous gain.

“Our top performer was Enya Stasiak who achieved who was awarded one A*, one A, four Bs and two C grades (or equivalences). Enya has decided to stay on at school to take her A-Levels here at the College.

“For those Year 12s in our Learning Support Centre, they left school having achieved Entry Level Qualifications in English, Maths and History, GCSE equivalences in Occupational Studies and a Prince’s Trust Award.

“At A-Level we had some outstanding results. 86% of the students who were awarded grades, achieved 2 A- E grades or equivalent. Our top performers were last Year’s Head Girl, Ruth Adams, Ashleigh Beatty and Shania Watton who all achieved 3 A grades or equivalences.

“The success of these results obviously is testament not just to the endeavour of the students, but also to the dedicated team of staff who go the extra mile to help the pupils reach their potential and I want to publically thank them on your behalf for the work that they have done and continue to do, to help you succeed.”

Mr Marsh opened his address by referring to the development proposals for Coleraine schools. He said: “In essence the proposals which have seen the amalgamation of Coleraine Academical Insitution and Coleraine High School leading to the formation of Ccoleraine Grammar School can only benefit us here in the college.

“Coleraine College has been given the opportunity to grow significantly, and this is reflective of my key priority as principal; to raise standards which will lead to an increased enrolment.”

He said that under the development proposals the North Eastern Education and Library B oard “will be seeking to prioritise the building of a new school in its capital priorities to be submitted to the Deparment for consideration”. He added: “While I recognise that the building of a new school is a longer term goal, in the interim the school buildings are in need of urgent work and I am pleased to report that a substantial investment is being made in the school buildings. Money has been earmarked to improve the heating system, making it more economical and efficient, and to upgrade our toilet facilities, which are in need of modernisation. I would like to thank the EA for this investment and for me it signals a longer term commitment to this school, and, while not having a direct impact upon teaching and learning it will help to make the school environment more comfortable for staff and students .”