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The Coleraine Times can today reveal the names being considered for the new grammar school at Coleraine Inst.

A 16-member Interim Board of Governors from both schools have been consulting parents, teachers and pupils on the name as well as what the new uniform should look like.

The five names currently under consideration are: Coleraine Grammar School, Causeway Grammar School, Irish Society Grammar School, Coleraine Voluntary Grammar School and The Academy, Coleraine.

The board is also consulting on the colours of the new uniform and whether they should incorporate those used by both Coleraine Inst and Coleraine High School.

In September, Education Minister, John O’Dowd, approved plans for a new mixed-sex voluntary grammar school with an enrolment of 1,060 pupils on the Coleraine Inst site at Castlerock Road.

The plan also involves a phased increase of enrolment to 900 pupils at Coleraine College from 2015.

The Interim Board has been convening regularly at Cutts House and following a meeting with the Department of Education it has been confirmed that the new school will start on September 1, 2015.

The new school will operate initially, for a limited time, on a split site.

It’s understood that the principals of Coleraine High and Coleraine Inst are not attending the Interim Board meetings until a principal designate is appointed.

Members of the Board have conducted walkabouts at both schools to assess the respective sites and have set up additional working groups on governance, finance, buildings and public relations.

The Board has also been seeking clarification from Department of Education chiefs on funding for the board and school and re-organisation of staff from both schools.