‘Elderly need our help’ say TUV

Cllr Boyd Douglas
Cllr Boyd Douglas

TUV representatives cllr Boyd Douglas and East Londonderry TUV Assembly Candidate Jordan Armstrong paid a visit to the Garvagh care home which is to close in 2016, to show their support and speak to the staff affected.

The Four Seasons care home currently looks after 52 residents.

Cllr Douglas said: “There is huge concern on the part of the staff and families impacted by this news. I hope to see the future of this home secured by the current owners or other possible means. This will give families the peace of mind they need.

“Our elderly are some of the most vulnerable in society and deserve to be taken care of. They should not be asked to deal with the worry and stress of being relocated.”

Jordan Armstrong commented: “This announcement came at a time when the Health Minister had a public consultation out, with possible closure of ten state-run residential care homes. There is also a ban on further admissions. In light of this news, the Health Minister put his consultation on hold.

“Putting the consultation on hold does not rule out the possibility of closing the ten state care homes in the near future after his review. Additionally, the ban on new admissions remains in place.

“The consultation needs to be scrapped and replaced with robust care for our elderly, relieving the stress, worry and pressure of all concerned. We cannot rely on private sector care homes because of their “spare capacity” is purely profit driven and can be lost at any time.

“Our elderly need our help, support and the assurance that they will have somewhere to call home.

“If the decision proceeds to close the home it will result in a devastating blow and a valuable assert being lost to the community,” said Mr Armstrong.