Elderly woman victim of distraction burglary

Police are investigating a report of a burglary in the home of an elderly lady in the Greemount Road area of Coleraine.

It is believed that at around 8:30pm on Wednesday, December 11, two people, one male and one female, entered the house and took a sum of cash from a drawer. The pair are thought to have entered the house after knocking on the front and back doors and ringing a door bell repeatedly. The lady disturbed the two people, who she believes both spoke in foreign accents, and they left the house immediately.

Chief Inspector Nicky Thompson has spoken out about the incident in a bid to reassure the public: “I would like to say that this is not a regular occurrence and people should not feel scared or vulnerable in their homes. However, the reality is that sometimes distraction burglaries happen in local areas. People who commit these types of crime prey on more vulnerable members of the community. If you have someone at your door for no good reason, and know that an elderly on vulnerable person lives nearby, keep an eye on the callers to see where they go next. Never allow a stranger into your home.”