ELECTION NEWS: Candidates in East Londonderry

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THE full list of candidates for the Northern Ireland Assembly election on 5 May has been released by the Electoral Office.

Each of Northern Ireland’s 18 constituencies has six assembly seats; in total, 108 seats are being contested in the election.

Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs) are elected under the Single Transferable Vote system of proportional representation.

A total of 218 candidates will be standing.

The largest number is in East Belfast, where 17 candidates are seeking election, while the smallest number - 10 - is in South Antrim.

The candidates in East Londonderry are:

Bernadette Archibald: Sinn Fein

Gregory Campbell: DUP

Thomas Conway: SDLP

John Dallat: SDLP

Boyd Douglas: TUV

Barney Fitzpatrick: Alliance Party

David Harding: UUP

Lesley Macauley: UUP

David McClarty: Independent

Adrian McQuillan: DUP

Cathal Ó hOisin: Sinn Fein

George Robinson: DUP